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Swim, Swam, Swum: a + POOL in the East River

Four years ago, three guys had an idea: that it might be nice to swim in the East River. "It came about pretty simply," one of them, Dong-Ping Wong, recalled recently, on one of those humid, ambition-melting summer mornings.

Fast Company
How a Giant Plus-Shaped Pool Could Make New York's East River Safe For Swimmers

Regardless of the obstacles ahead, Franklin, Coates, and Wong are determined to make it happen. With Google on their side and water advocates like Tracy Brown offering support, we could very well see a floating pool embedded in the New York cityscape in the near future.

TIME Magazine
The 25 Best Inventions of the Year 2013

An Olympic-size pool designed to float in the less-than-crystal-clear East River, the Plus Pool kills two birds with one stone: it cleans the river water and gives New Yorkers a place to swim.

NY Observer
PlayLab and Family Design Team Makes a Splash with Floating + POOL

Coates, Franklin and Wong's inspiration for + POOL came from the quarterly bane of many New Yorkers' existences: a hot, sticky summer during which the city's rivers were so tauntingly close yet so scarily out of environmentally sound reach.

Huffington Post
This Is What New York City Could Look LIke in 2033

"Like a giant strainer dropped in the river," + POOL aspires to filter dirty East River water and create a 285,000 gallon floating swimming pool between Manhattan and Brooklyn.

NY Times
The Pop-UP Activist of the Lower East Side

Karen Wong, deputy director of the New Museum, which featured Mr. Ho at its Ideas CityFestival this year, likened him to other young architects who were pursuing socially conscious goals, including the designers of the Plus Pool, which is supposed to someday float in the East River while filtering the water

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+ POOL is a giant filtration system that makes NYC's rivers swimmable

Sound far-fetched? The sheer depth of research undertaken by the guys over the last three years, coupled with the unbelievable support they have received from architectural, state and private organisations across the USA is making the project overwhelmingly realisable. The next step is to take the pool closer to the water, allowing scientists and engineers to test filtration systems in actual river water. The Kickstarter campaign, which ends in two days' time, allows you to have you name engraved on a tile in the pool, and to be one of the first to swim in this ingenious contraption. Down sides to the project? No, we can't see any either.

USA Today
Crowdfunding gives rise to projects truly in public domain

When three 20-somethings came up with "+Pool" - the creation of community swimming pools that float in New York's polluted East River and are filled with filtered river water- they put their plea out on a website and raised more than $41,000 within a week.

The Economist
Online start-ups are rallying to revamp their neighborhood

As online crowdfunding matures, its advocates are becoming more ambitious. Three designers want to float the +Pool, an open-air swimming bath in New York's East River, with clever filters to purify its murky water.

Diving Into The +POOL: Help Fund New York's Floating Pool!

Now things are getting more real. The goal is high, but the guys need that money to progress the project along. They'll first need to further develop and test the design's unique engineering solution, the filtering mechanism that will screen out the bacteria and muck from the East River. After that, they'll use the rest (and bulk) of the cash to build a prototype pool, along with an adjoining public pavilion that will host talks, events, and panel discussions, that they hope to have ready for next summer...

New York City Needs These River Pools

This is the East River State park. It's next to my house and-in the spring, summer, and early fall-I love to go there and lay down to read a book. Sadly, that pool is not there.

+ POOL: The Future of Water Recreation in NYC

A new conceptual project is meant to improve and take advantage of the natural resources that exist throughout the city.

Huffington Post
+ Pool Team Starts Kickstarter Project To Make East River Floating Pool A Reality

+ Pool is gearing up to make a big splash in the New York swimming scene. Curbed caught onto buzz for the project--four pools in one plus-sign shape floating in the East River--a while ago, but learned today that the +Pool design team has partnered with a major engineering firm,Arup, to make the idea a reality...

Plus Pool: The floating swimming pool proposed for NYC's river

Plus Pool (or "+ Pool") is an initiative by a design trio to bring a cross-shaped floating swimming pool to New York's East River. The proposed pool would be filled with water filtered from the river that it floats in.

NY Post
East River pool plan floated

Brooklyn Bridge Park, which in 2007 hosted a floating pool barge, is one of several sites being eyed for the new design, which includes four pools shaped together in a plus-sign configuration, said Dong-Ping Wong, whose Manhattan-based company Family co-designed the project with PlayLab of Brooklyn.

+ Pool by Family and PlayLab

+ Pool is the collaborative initiative of design studios Family and PlayLab to build a floating pool for everyone in the rivers of New York City.

East River Floating Pool Concept Now Closer to Reality

Our obsession with +Pool has never wavered. Still, we've doubted the likelihood that the project - four pools in one plus-sign shape floating within the East River - might ever come to pass...

Wall Street Journal
An East River Pool? Maybe This Idea Isn't Off the Deep End

If you want to build a multimillion dollar floating pool in the East River, you'll have a few problems to solve. There are design challenges, permits from the city and daunting fundraising demand

Fast Company
Kickstarter At It's Craziest: A Pool That Floats In NYC's East River

Kickstarter sure has some weird projects seeking your patronage, but one of the oddest -- but also cleverest -- is + Pool, a public swimming pool literally floating in the East River between Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Arch Daily
+ Pool / Family and PlayLab in collaboration with Arup

A 30-day Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the continued development of + Pool is underway. From the creative minds at Family and PlayLab, + Pool is a collaboration to design a floating riverwater pool for everyone in the rivers of New York City.

Yahoo! News
Designers Plan Swimming Pools in New York City's Rivers

Imagine jumping into the East or Hudson river and swimming laps in clean, filtrated river water. It could happen.

ABC News
Designers plan floating pool for East or Hudson River

NEW YORK (WABC) -- It's a hot and sunny summer in New York, and three young designers standing along the Hudson are dreaming of jumping and cooling off.

Chill Out: Your Guide To City Pools

+Pool: Okay, this floating pool doesn't actually exist yet. But the idea is to make it possible to one day swim directly in the (triple-filtered) East River, which sounds like a dream come true.

Water Purifying Floating + Pool Cleans New York's Rivers

It's hot out -- especially in NYC -- and swimming in a nice cool pool would be just the ticket, but alas public pools are few and far between. One of group of designers and architects is proposing a floating pool in the rivers of New York City that would actually filter and clean the water while serving as a public amenity to help New Yorkers cool off during the heat waves.

Bringing a Floating Pool to NYC's East River, Filled With Filtered River Water

Last summer, we introduced the + Pool, a one of a kind idea to build a floating pool in New York City's East River, filled with filtered river water. Since then, the + Pool team has been busy turning what back then seemed like a long shot into a reality.

+ Pool is Coming!

+Pool: A pool for you, me, and everyone we know (not to mention "your girlfriend, your boss, your bartender, your tamale guy, and your other girlfriend").

New York Press
If They Build It, Will You Swim?

Dong-Ping Wong calls the East River a tease. Last summer, the 31-year-old architect was hot and sweaty, but he decided against cooling off in a river better known for bodies floating up rather than diving in. Instead, he went with the clear solution: design a pool that can float in the river.

Forget Google+, The +Pool Is Coming

Overheated New Yorkers, this one is for you: Amid the spectre of increasing public pool closures, exclusive rooftop splashing, and that other form of dumpster diving, you might be wishing for a more egalitarian swimming experience.