November 14, 2018
6:00 PM

Friends of + POOL Fall Swim Gala at Pier 17

We had a lot of fun at our 4th Fall Swim Gala: Totally No Boundaries honoring some insanely awesome people: Claire Weisz and Scott Lazer. We gathered supporters to toast them with great food, drinks and an amazing line up of performances presented by Heineken. Sean McVerry graced the stage a few times, DJ Milhouse killed the dance floor vibe and the legendary Bas of Dreamville took the stage at our Night Swim. 


When Archie was first talking to our honoree Claire Weisz about this event, she turned to him and said “what I love about + POOL is you guys have ‘totally no boundaries’”. — and that’s when we decided to name the event TOTALLY NO BOUNDARIES. At a time when some people in our world are creating boundaries, we’re excited to be expanding our reach across industries, across disciplines, across areas of programming —  taking on new ideas and building an organization that is doing so much more than “just building a pool”. Afterall, we are a PLUS.

Much like + POOL, Claire Weisz and Scott Lazer push the peripheries of creativity in their industries and collaborate with others to produce the outrageous things we love most about the world. These are creators who look way outside of the box.  They are fearless. Their constraints are their freedoms. They are incessantly creative and make choices and take actions everyday that shift our focus, changing the way we see the world around us by taking risks that reap great rewards for all of us.  

Appearing for the first time ever at the + POOL podium was Matthew Washington, Manhattan Deputy Borough President, to introduce our honorees. He nailed it, and set the bar oh so high.

Friends of + POOL’s annual Fall Swim Gala raised funds that go directly towards the continued development of + POOL as well as continuously expanding our educational programming. This was our biggest raise yet, and we can’t wait to put it back into the organization and tell you all about it.

Huge thanks to our friends who made the night a success (not to mention, a lot of fun):

Howard Hughes

High Divers
Handel Architects
Marc Kushner + Christopher Barley
WXY architecture + urban design

Low Divers
ICM Partners
Joseph Mizzi
Sciame Construction
Steven Harper, MN Architects
STUDIOS Architecture


Abraham Bendheim
Alain Sylvain
Andrew Armenante
Andrew Essex
Anna Klenkar
Anna Quintana + David Von Spreckelsen
Annya Ramirez
Anthony Castles
Ashley Tan
Beatrice Cord
Bella Janssens
Brent Smith
Cameron Fullmer
Cat Marcasciano
Carrie Shapiro
Caroline + Michael Ventura
Darius G. Grant
Darwin Poblete
David Moore
Dungjai Pungauthaikan
Elissa Levy + Adam Ames
Elizabeth Streb
Emily Coates
Emily Carroll
Eric S. Lee
Food New York
Gary Handel
Geoffrey Baszczuk
Gerald Weinstein
Greenpoint Landing
Harry Bee
Janet Pew
Jared Barnett
Jason Scaglione

Jeff Wandersman
Jennifer Uchida
Jeremy Kaplan
John Abrams
Joshua David + Stephen Hirsh
Justin Adelman
Karen Wong
karlssonwilker Inc.
Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP
Kwame Taylor-Hayford
Langan Engineering
Louise Firestone
Margaret Sullivan
Meryl and Joey Levin
Michael Miskiewicz
Michelle Horowitz
m ss ng p eces
Nancy McAlhany
Natalie Kaufman
Nicholas Gregoriou
Nikki Chung
Olivier Peyre
Portia Tse
Raju Mann
Ramses Serrano
Robby Browne
Robert Gibson
Sarah Turkomani
Sharon Davis Design
Shelley Aarons
Stephanie Ketty
Steve Hogden
Sylvain Labs
Tei Carpenter
Warren Perry
Yoswein New York

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