Buy a Tile, Build a POOL
On the world's first water-filtering
floating pool, right here in New York.
You Choose a Tile
Engrave your name on an official + POOL tile and own a piece of the pool! We'll send you a tile to keep, hold and show off.
See the Tiles
Your Spot is Reserved
You'll also get a Certificate reserving your spot at the pool, and a pair of First Dips to swim before anyone else.
Call 'First Dips'
Build a Pool
On opening day, your tile will be waiting for you on + POOL with your name on it, and you'll have made history, literally.
Make it happen
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What's the Latest?
We just launched Float Lab,
the mini, temporary and floating science-lab version
of + POOL's filtration system at Pier 40
in Hudson River Park.
Learn more here.
+ POOL Dashboard
We're bringing Float Lab's data to the
public in an easy and educational way
Thanks to our friends at Google Drive, we launched the "+ POOL Dashboard," a visual tool that provides simple and fun access to data allowing the general public and the City of New York to stay educated on the quality of New York's rivers and + POOL's mission to improve and eventually swim in it. It's currently testing only in one location, but hopes to work with other organizations to achieve a more comprehensive view of the river's water quality, inspire discussion and education, and work towards swimming in clean river water. View the Dashboard!