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What's the Latest?
After a few soggy shoes and flat tires,
we learned a lot about the river this summer
This past summer we completed the most intensive and detailed water quality testing program conducted over such a large stretch of river in the NYC area. Insaneeeee, we know.

From July 1 to October 2, we tested four sites around New York in order to assess the feasibility of + POOL's filtration system in some of the locations where + POOL might go. The result: even with incredibly unique water quality characteristics, the data showed that + POOL's filtration could work at any of the four sites. (YESSSSS).

Over the next couple months we'll be releasing our full 2015 water quality report (for those of you interested in lots of charts and numbers), but until then, here's a glimpse at the miles, flat tires, samples, ferry trips and more logged (thanks Spencer!).

The studying of New York's 6th borough—the rivers—is half the journey to swimming in it. Thanks for being a part of it.

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