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What's the Latest?
+ POOL started as a wild idea. Super wild. Now, after a couple Kickstarter campaigns, starting a non-profit, lots of science, hundreds of meetings and countless support, it's become real. This week marks the first days of summer (pool season), and it's about to become more real than ever.

Last summer, we proved that + POOL's technology is not only possible, but filters river water (in the worst conditions) to the city's pool quality standards without using chemicals.

We got to swim in filtered river water, and for the first time felt what it'd be like if 9 million New Yorkers had the opportunity to swim in the river. Insaneeee.

Now we're in an even more exciting phase: finding a home for + POOL. This week, we're launching a massive site feasibility study at a variety of different spots around the city to understand the technical and structural feasibility of + POOL's launch. Right now we're looking at Bush Terminal Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Domino Sugar Factory, Governor's Island, Hallet's Point, Hudson River Park, Hunter's Point, St. George, Transmitter Park and Two Bridges.

They're all amazing sites for different reasons, so we're narrowing down what that actually means for + POOL. Our engineers are helping us understand everything from water depth and access, to currents and 100 year flood wave heights (yikes), along with a lot of other considerations. One of the biggest being testing water quality to fully understand how these specific sites along the river will interact with + POOL's filtration system.

By the end of summer, we'll know a lot more, and we'll be able to embark on our final design and engineering phase with our friends at Arup and Persak & Wurmfeld. That'll be huge, as it'll allow us to apply for the necessary city permits so WE CAN BUILD + POOL IN NEW YORK FOR EVERYBODY! A special thanks to our amazing lawyers at Bryan Cave and Sive, Paget & Riesel PC who are laying the groundwork now for that.

+ POOL has been and will always be for everybody and we're more stoked than ever to make this happen so we can all swim in the river together forever.

Follow the day to day updates from wherever you are: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, (@pluspoolny). This summer's gonna be solid.