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What's the Latest?
In November, we're launching
the most extensive water quality tests
ever done in New York rivers.
Every 15 minutes for an entire year, we'll be real-time testing every necessary water quality parameter needed to make the + POOL filtration as efficient as possible. We've teamed up with incredible people and facilities at River Project on Pier 40 to make this happen, as well as our partners at Columbia University's Earth Institute and friends at Riverkeeper. What's even more rad is we'll soon be bringing the data to the public in an easy and educational way. With these tests, we'll not only learn what's in these rivers, but why it's important to be able to swim in them!
Next Step: Float Lab
In early 2014 we're launching Float Lab:
a test of + POOL's complete combination of filtration membranes in real-river conditions.
This Winter we're building a floating science lab that will put our filtration system to the test. The lab will launch in early 2014 and run through the Summer to capture a wide range of data and help us understand how the filtration behaves during all seasons. We've teamed up with the naval architects at Brooklyn-based Persak & Wurmfeld and the filtration textiles and systems specialists at Mackworth to get it done. It's the first time we'll be getting in the water, which is a monumental milestone for + POOL.